Court Dogs Victoria

Chance, against the odds


In the beginning

Chance at one week old Chance at one week old

"Chance" is the only pup born to Opal, in her first litter. Chance was born early, and was cold and not moving when he was discovered early in the morning of Thursday the 31st of May. Initially it was thought he was dead.

Fortunately with Tessa being a former Vet Nurse, her instincts kicked in and for the next two hours she fought to keep him alive.

He then had issues trying to nurse from his mother, but after 24 hours of battling he turned the corner.

He is now one week old and as fat as mud!

We will follow Chances story through the website and bring you stories and pictures during his journey.

We are lucky to have him, and his name is a reflection of that. Stay tuned ...

Ten chubby weeks

Chance growing up Chance growing up

After a very shaky start to life he has grown dramatically, he's now ten chubby weeks old.

He loves frolicking outside, and playing with his mum "Opal",

His main love in life is food!

He is due to visit Melbourne in the next few weeks to begin his training for his role helping others at Court Dogs Victoria.

Look out for us in the CBD!