Court Dogs Victoria

Breeder Carers for Court Dogs Victoria


Breeder Carers are people who love dogs and are passionate about helping Court Dogs Victoria help victims and witnesses who must face a court of law.

Court Dogs Victoria has breeding dogs especially for the purpose of producing healthy intelligent dogs for the purpose of training as Court Dogs for the future. We need people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to our elite breeding dogs.

They will live with you as a family pet, and be required no more than once per year (females) to be returned to us for breeding. Once they have finished their breeding (no more than four litters) they will be de sexed, and will become your pet for life.

Court Dogs Victoria will provide Veterinary care and pay costs associated with health and breeding. Our Caretakers would provide a good quality dry food agreed on by both parties. Ownership of the dogs stays with us until the dog is de sexed, then ownership will be given to the new owner as a 'retired' breeder.

If you are interested in applying to become a breeder caretaker please fill in the following form after reading the requirements and we will be in touch with you regarding this opportunity.

*Strict conditions apply*

Breeder Caretakers must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Own their own home or have permission from landlord/real estate for the dog to be allowed inside the house.
  • NOT use the dog for hunting, or any other purpose other than family pet.
  • Have secure fencing, and not allow other males within the property. (unless de sexed)
  • Have only one other dog over three years, which is de sexed and dog friendly.
  • Have transport, and be able to transport dog to Court Dogs Victoria when required.
  • Understand the dog will remain owned by CDV until otherwise agreed.
  • Will NOT be bred from other than by CDV.
  • Be in a financial position to afford a quality dog food. And when required take the dog to a veterinarian for weighing, vaccinations etc. (CDV) pay for veterinary costs.
  • Sign a legal contract regarding any dogs owned by CDV
  • Make sure the dogs physical and psychological needs are met.
  • Make regular contact with CDV regarding the dog's welfare, including photos.


If you feel you satisfy the above then please get in touch.